As a curious kid, I used to ask a lot of questions. Not all of my questions had answers. The answers I got—some were perfect, some did not make sense, and I found some to be untrue later. I laid hands on my first computer when I was fourteen. The fascinating machine had answers to all my questions, with a click. I wanted to know how to build a computer and enrolled in the Bachelor’s program in Computer Science and Engineering. Later I realized that I was not passionate about building the computer but use it to build solutions to make life easier. I enrolled in the Master’s program in Business Administration (MBA) and learned there could be multiple answers(?) to a question. My quest to finding answers lead me to ask more questions centred around the theme—how to make life better. There exists a career option for asking such questions and voila! I became a Product Manager. I recently came across the idea that every great product started with a great design. I’m currently looking for answers on design-related questions. I started this website to share my thoughts on business, technology and design.

I am Karthikeyan Malaisamy. Welcome to my blog!